The Garage Theatre presents

the all-american genderf*ck cabaret

written by Mariah MacCarthy
directed by Ashley Elizabeth Allen & Charlie Nelson

No matter where you identify on the vast gender spectrum, chances are that you have been stereotyped into one constricting box of behaviors or another. In the West-Coast premiere of Mariah MacCarthy’s celebration of breaking out of that box, we find an assortment of folks--men, women, and otherwise--who are anything but what they appear to be. This is an adventure through the everyday lives of 8 men and women exploring the gender stereotypes that society places on them, and that they place on each other. Narrated by engaging gender-bender, Taylor, the lives of our characters intersect at specific moments when each of them must face typecasts of how they perceive they should act, and how they truly choose to behave. 
No singing required, but there will be some dancing/movement.

This is an Equity Waiver production. Union members, as well as non-Union members are welcome. **Actors must be comfortable with profanity, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature (no nudity).**

For auditions, actors should prepare one contemporary monologue no longer than 2 minutes in length and may be asked to stay longer and read from the text. Also, please bring a headshot and resume. For callbacks, please bring clothes comfortable to move in and be prepared to read from the text.

This is an open audition, but you can schedule a specific audition time with the directors if you prefer.

Audition Dates: Monday, 5/21, 8-10pm and Tuesday, 5/22, 6-10pm
Callback Date: Thursday, 5/24, 6-10pm
Auditions and Callbacks will be held at The Garage Theatre – 251 E 7 th Street, LB 90813
**Parking is available for free on 7th Street (non-metered) and on Locust Ave. Please do not park in the lot behind the theatre, you may get towed.**

Rehearsals: First read-through will be May 29th. Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday in the 6-10pm window based on actor availability. There may be some weekend rehearsals. 

Performances: Thur-Sat @8pm, July 13 – August 11, 2018 (14 performances total)

Casting for 4 males, and 4 females, and 1 genderfluid person, any ethnicity

Character Breakdown

Taylor: an androgynous person, 20s-30s or ageless; Emcee of the production and interacts with and narrates the action between the other characters; serene; they are the ultimate gender-confusion; likes things across every gender identity and is willing to admit it; laments greatly the lack of understanding that cis-folk have about gender-neutral people; does not have peeps; is a very lonely one

Adrian: a promiscuous man, 20s-30s; loves the company of women, but is not very good in bed; loves national geographic because he doesn’t have enough intellectual stimulation in his life; hangs out with Dick but casually despises him; is dating Allegra while sleeping with Gwen; he plays a lot of grand theft auto

Dick: a masculine man, 20s-30s; has previous violent tendencies; worries about his nephew showing effeminate tendencies; has little respect for women; has never been laid but talks like a player; spends a lot of time with Adrian; he knits quite well but hasn’t practiced in several years

Benji: a feminine man, 20s-30s; works as a Senior Manager’s Personal Assistant; sensitive and caring, he is commonly assumed to be gay; shows concern for his friends and is a very attentive lover; is dating Gwen—who is his first girlfriend; works with Dick and Adrian; thinks he’d be a good dad, and he’s right

DJ: a gay man, 20s-30s; works as a hairdresser; Gwen and Allegra are two of his clients; internalizes a lot of anger and wants to hit people a lot of the time; wishes people would take time to talk to him about his life; still not out to his parents

Allegra: a feminine woman, 20s-30s; some dance experience preferred; works in a shoe store; concerned about how she looks; has an eating problem; her behavior is directly affected by her perception of what others think of her; dating Adrian; treats DJ like her GayBestFriend; puts on a confident front, but is a people-pleaser; has deep-set beliefs about how women should act; watches a lot of Ingmar Bergman films

Devon: a masculine woman, 20s-30s; works as a personal trainer; commonly assumed to be gay; knows she’s hot, but won’t flaunt it on principle; longs for connection but was hurt in most recent relationship; hasn’t been laid in two and half years

Gwen: a promiscuous woman, 20s-30s; has a colorful imagination that does not match her exterior reality; is dating Benji while sleeping with Adrian; treats DJ like her GayBestFriend; sex holds no intimacy for her; has read Crime and Punishment ten times

Kate: a gay woman, 20s-30s; works for Pussies of America; harbors major resentment for and fear of men, and feels vaguely guilty about it; cares deeply about her political cause; has little experience with gender-variant folks; calls her mom every day; 

If you would like to schedule a specific audition time, have questions, or would like more information about the production, please email directors Ashley Elizabeth Allen at and Charlie Nelson at