Kill Climate Deniers Audition Notice and Artist Call

World Premiere of playwright/activist David Finnigan’s hyper-real story for the stage, told in the style of an action film, that looks squarely into our battle against man-made extinction. “What happens when the unstoppable force of climate change meets the immovable object of politics?” The pulse of 1990s techno sets the tone at a Fleetwood Mac concert, during a gala at the Australian Parliament, as a swarm of eco-terrorists storm the building and take the entire government hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight.

Directed by Matthew Anderson with Ashley Elizabeth Allen.

Auditions will be held Mon-Tue, June 12-13, 7-10pm,
at 40 S Locust Ave, Long Beach, 90802,
in the Breakers Building (not at the Garage Theatre).

This is an open call. If you have any questions or wish to schedule an exact audition time, please email director Matthew Anderson at

Please bring a headshot, resume, and schedule of conflicts.

Please prepare a 1min monologue/story/environmental factoid and prepare to read sides from the script, to be provided at the audition. Please check in with Garage rep outside when you arrive.

Callbacks will be held Wednesday, June 14 th , at 7pm. They will also be held at the

Breakers Building.

Street parking during auditions is available, but limited. There is a 2-hours free parking structure 3 blocks north, off the Promenade, between 3rd Street and 4th Street.

We are also looking to connect and collaborate with Long Beach and LA-based artists and environmentalists. If you are interested in working on this project as a designer or in another capacity, please email director Matthew Anderson at

Rehearsals will begin June 26, 2017. Rehearsals generally run Mon-Thu, 7-10pm, based on actor availability.

Performances will be Thu-Sat nights at 8pm, September 1-30th, 2017.

All rehearsals and performances will be held at The Garage Theatre at 251 E 7th Street, Long Beach, 90813

Character Breakdown: ( 11 roles, all female)

Gwen Malkin: 30-50, Environment Minister, uptight, awkward politician who has sold out her beliefs for money, mother of an 11-yr- old girl

Georgina Bekken: 20-40, Malkin’s Press Advisor and personal assistant, young and hip social media expert with a flair for 90s techno

Catch: 18-40, Leader of eco-terrorist group, very fashionable, chic, and eco-conscious, would die and kill for her beliefs

Remely Clark: 30-60, CEO of a mining company, schmoozy and slick, she wields a lot of power in the oil and gas industries

Beverly Ile: 30-60, washed-up TV journalist with a nose for gossip, still with a name enough to get invited to the big events

Throat: 18-40, Second in command of eco-terrorist group, undercover as a performer in the Fleetwood Mac band as a violinist, political-poetry climate expert

Lucky: 18-40, Eco-terrorist, undercover as a security guard, strong, silent type

Ebb: 18-40, Eco-terrorist, also a blogger, not a journalist, a blogger

Cellabrina Malkin: 18-20, Malkin’s 11-yr old daughter, bright-eyed, believes in her mother’s ability to do the right thing

Fleetwood Mac: 20-50, the leader of the band for the night, which is Fleetwood Mac, very rock and roll

Finig: 30-60, The playwright of KCD, speaks about the play from the perspective of a distant future, once rebellious, has been under intense scrutiny for writing the play