Audition Notice
The Garage Theatre Presents

Revenge of the Baron’s Revenge
Written by D. Chapelle
Directed by Matthew Vincent Julian

Welcome to the wacky world of the Revenge of the Baron’s Revenge! A gothic melodrama told in two acts! Come be part of a living cartoon in this family friendly spectacular! Baron Frankenstein is back in this madcap send up of monster movies. All is well in the village of Muldavia and the castle that looms above it. Emma has married her true love Eddie Doozlehoff and they have taken up residence in the castle with their servant Bertha and their housekeeper Frau Helga Graveshousen. But their happiness will soon be in grave danger because the evil Baron Frankenstein has returned and is back to his mad, but bungling, scientist tricks. He is planning revenge on Eddie and Emma for ruining his plans, and his life. Constable Von Constable has remained ever vigilant but the Baron has eluded him and is using his evil friends to implement his horrible plan for vengeance on Eddie and Emma. Can anybody stop the Revenge of the Baron’s Revenge?

Not looking for any specific “type” of performer, just looking for actors who are good at doing characters and have a fun physicality.

This is an Equity Waiver production, union and non-union members are welcome.

For auditions actors should prepare a short comedic monologue and any performance skills they possess. We will also do cold readings from the script and play a little.

This is an open audition but please email the director at to indicate which day you plan on coming. You can schedule a specific time with the director if you wish.

Audition Dates: Monday, 12/10 6-8PM and Tuesday, 12/11 6-8 6-8PM
Call back date: Thursday, 12/13 6-8PM
Auditions and Callbacks will be held at The Garage Theatre – 251 E 7th Street, LB 90813
**Parking is available for free on 7th Street (non-metered) and on Locust Ave. Please do not park in the lot behind the theatre, you may get towed.**

Rehearsals First read through will be Monday 12/17 at 7:30pm at the Garage Theatre. Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday in the 6pm to 10pm window, depending on actor availability. Some rehearsals dates may be added.

Performances: Thurs-Sat @8pm Feb 15th-Mar 16th

Casting for 3 males and 4 females (gender of some characters are flexible)


Maria: A grizzled old women who often hides her face with a hooded-cloak. She holds a terrible secret! 
Emma: Owner of the castle and the heroine of the show! She is a smart vivacious women whose courage will be tested by the evil Baron.
Eddie: An imposing Frankenstein monster with enormous strength and a heart of gold. He also loves Elvis and making toys.
Frau Gravehousin: The Keeper of the castle. She is a no nonsense sevre women.
Constable Von Constable: The village constable. A proud and just police officer who is as sharp as a circle. Could be cast as M or F
Rogi: Rogi is the Baron’s assistant. She is fiercely loyal to the Baron despite how poorly he treats her. Could be cast as M or F
The Baron: A cruel and evil genius whose melodious plots twist around the show like the arms of an octopus. Could be cast as M or F

If you would like to schedule a specific audition time or have any questions about the production please email the director at or visit