A Hell of a Mess or, Oh What A Bloody Circuis 

Written by Eugene Ionesco  

Directed by Mike Dias

We find The Character on his final day at the job. His recent inheritance from a relative he didn’t know well has given him enough capitol to retire early and break the bondage of his cubicle. With his past flames, former disgruntled colleagues, and favorite dive in the rear view, he sets out into a world that his new-found wealth brings: An apartment in a high rise nestled amongst an assortment of cooky neighbors. He finds his way to a nearby bistro that he’ll eventually frequent daily and enkindles romance with a waitress named Agnes. All is well for a time until revolution erupts and sends his suburban neighborhood into chaos. To find refuge from the war torn streets, he bars himself to the confines of his apartment and lives out his remaining years in solitude pondering the purpose of it all.