Revenge of the Baron’s Revenge - written by D. Chappelle

Extremities - written by William Mastersimone

The All-American Genderf*ck Cabaret - written by Mariah MacCarthy

Darkside - written by Tom Stoppard


Stupid Fucking Bird - written by Aaron Posner

The Balcony written by Jean Genet

Kill Climate Denierswritten by David Finnigan

Beh - conceived and directed by Paul Knox and Kendra Nicholson


Opaline (Delirium for a Parched Planet) · written by Fengar Gael

Uncertainty Files & What Love Is · written by Linda McLean

Beh · conceived and directed by Paul Knox

Evil Dead: The Musical · written by George Reinblatt & Frank Cipolla

Stinky Cheese Man & Other Fairly Stupid Tales - written by John Glore


Wet Hot American Summer... The Play? · written by Ryan McClary

Gruesome Playground Injuries · written by Rajiv Joseph

Darkside · written by Tom Stoppard

Rod McGirdlebutt Strikes Back Or...  The Sun Sets On The Cyclone Racer One Last Time ·                           written by Jamie Sweet


Sans Merci · written by Johnna Adams

Night and Her Stars · written by Richard Greenberg

The Threepenny Opera · written by Bertolt Brecht

Pink Milk · written by Ariel Zetina (fka Alex Paul Young)

Scruples Scrutiny Scrufflepicklewickle and Sabotage Or...  The New Amusement Park In Town · written by Jamie Sweet


The Bald Soprano > The Chairs · written by Eugene Ionesco

Dog Sees God · written by Bert V. Royal

Ravens & Writing Desks · written by Angela Lopez & Ryan McClary

Sin · written by Wendy Macleod

Long Beach is Sinking Or...  Hard Times Is Easier Than A Lifetime of Injustice · written by Jamie Sweet


Goose and Tomtom · written by David Rabe

Hunter Gatherers · written by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

Trojan Barbie · written by Christine Evans

Steam Powered Rocket Ride to the Moon Or... Ground Control to Ging and Rob · written by Jamie Sweet


Almost An Evening · written by Ethan Coen

Mr. Marmalade · written by Noah Haidle

Snow Angel · written by David Lindsay-Abaire

Corpus Christi · written by Terrence McNally

LOLPERA · written by Ellen Warkentine & Andrew Pedroza

Terror at the Pike Or... How Come There Aren't Any Waves In Long Beach? · written by Jamie Sweet


An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein · written by Shel Silverstein

Measure For Pleasure · written by David Grimm

Stop Kiss · written by Diana Son

The History of the Devil · written by Clive Barker

Revenge of the Space Pandas · written by David Mamet


Tragedy: A Tragedy · written by Will Eno

Babylon Heights · written by Irvine Welsh & Dean Cavanagh  

Cannibal: The Musical · written by Trey Parker

Richard III · written by William Shakespeare

Rod McGirdlebutt Strikes Back Or... The Sun Sets on the Cyclone Racer One Last Time · written by Jamie Sweet


SEX a.k.a. Weiners and Boobs · written by Joe Lo Truglio, David Wain & Michael Showalter

The Pinter Project · The Lover & The Dumb Waiter · written by Harold Pinter

Hello My Name Is · written by The Garage Theatre

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot · written by Stephen Adly Guirgis

The Garage Theatre Presents: Mystery Meat

Scruples, Scrutiny, ScrufflePickleWickle and Sabotage! Or...  The New Amusement Park In Town · written by Jamie Sweet


Each Day Dies With Sleep · written by Jose Rivera

The Water Engine & Mr. Happiness · written by David Mamet

White Trash Catholic Circus · written by Amy Louise Sebelius

Killer Joe · written by Tracy Letts

Valparaiso · written by Don DeLillo

Long Beach Is Sinking! Or... Hard Time Is Better Than A Life of Injustice · written Jamie Sweet


Dutchman · written by Amiri Baraka

The Book of Liz · written by Amy Sedaris & David Sedaris

Play: The Play · written by The Garage Theatre

The Killer · written by Steve DeFrance

The Steam-Powered Rocket Ride To The Moon Or...  Ground Control to Ging and Rod · written by Jamie Sweet


The Fourth Wall · written by A.R. Gurney

Two Rooms · written by Lee Blessing

R.U.R. or Rossum’s Universal Robots · written by Karl Kapek of the Brothers Kapek

Side Man · written by Warren Leight

The Reconstruction of Michael · written by Nick Armstrong

Tape · written by Stephen Belber

The Day Room · written by Don DeLillo

Terror at the Pike Or... How Come There Aren’t Any Waves in Long Beach? · written by Jamie Sweet


Shepard’s Last Supper: Action & Killer’s Head · written by Sam Shepard

Girl Of The Frozen North Or... Condemned To Dead Man's Glacier · written by Eddie Cope & Buster Cearley


Goose and Tomtom · written by David Rabe


Scenes From The New World · written by Eric Bogosian

Artist Descending a Staircase · written by Tom Stoppard

The Cowhand's Christmas Carol Or... T'was Plum Tired of Pudding · written by Zoe Bell Hurst & James R. Hurst


Eggman · written by Alex LaVerde & Jamie Sweet