Matthew Anderson: Co-Founder/Artistic Producer

Born and raised in Minnesota, spiced up and seasoned in Long Beach, Matthew has always been on board, shaping and shifting The Garage Theatre into what it is today. The resident sound designer, with a degree in acting and directing, if you’ve been to The Garage, you’ve certainly had yourself a taste of the deliciousness that Matthew Anderson brings to the stage, in front of and behind the scenes. Fascinated by the shared experience and unique dynamic between the audience and the performers, as well as the collaborative nature of theatre itself, he hopes to continue to alter and evolve your expectations on what theatre could be, and what you expect to experience.

Eric Hamme: Co-Founder/Managing Director

Eric was there with friends when The Garage Theatre was conceived over a few pints in college and has been involved with every production since day one. He received his Master's Degree in Theatre Management in 2008 and is currently the Operations Manage for the Center for the Arts at the Orange County School of the Arts. His directing highlights include Goose & Tomtom by David Rabe (twice), Killer Joe by Tracy Lettsthe West Coast Premiere of  Almost An Evening by Ethan Coen, and the World Premiere of Darkside by Tom Stoppard.

Jamie Sweet: Co-Founder/Former Lord Duke of Technology

Jamie Sweet (aka Jaminus Sweetimus, aka Yammy Swoot, aka King Cobra vs Mongoose, aka Lord Duke of Technology, aka Benjamin Sweet) has directed a plethora of shows at the Garage, lit more, and has even deigned to act in a couple.  His melodrama saga spanned 5 years (twice) and as one of the founding members of the Garage he's pretty certain you missed at least one of his shows.  At least one.  So that means you might as well subscribe and catch up because there's a lot more of this bad-assery to come.  Personal highlights include The Water Engine and Mr. Happiness, The Bald Soprano>The Chairs, and the second the the second third one.  Ahh they were all a lot of fun!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for supporting the arts in these, our modern times.


Rob Young: Co-Technical Director

Rob Young, originally a Bay Area hood rat, moved to Southern California in 2006. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. Rob joined The Garage Theatre in 2009. He acts, he designs and constructs sets, he loves GLITTER!

Danielle Dauphinee: Public Relations Director

Danielle co-founded Alive Theatre in very similar fashion to The Garage, over alcohol and right after graduating from CSULB's theatre department in 2007. The Garage Theatre's board was very instrumental in helping to guide Alive Theatre's formation and offering their venue for Alive's first few shows. Fast forward to 2016 and the two companies have been happily married for almost four years. Danielle just left a job in corporate aviation to run a farm to table event and catering company while she is not working hard on their love-child that is The Garage Theatre with her dear friends.

Matthew Julian: Board Member

Matthew Vincent Udoma-Julian has been a loyal member of the garage theatre community for a decade.  He has appeared in many amazing productions and is thrilled to be part of the garages inner circle.  

Ashley Allen: Co-Production Manager

Ashley Elizabeth Allen was born and raised on community theater, briefly thought she could quit the habit in college, and then fell in with the likes of the Alive Theatre a year after their inception. Her addiction has since flourished with the merger into the Garage Theatre where she happily acts, directs, choreographs, and lives in PB&J symbiosis with Jerica as co-production manager. She loves the irreverent and uncomfortable, and she thrives in the ever-shifting and open-minded space of the Garage, co-creating with a delightful group of theatre-makers. Her favorite past productions include Pink Milk: a magic tragedy loosely based on the life of Alan Turing, Ravens and Writing Desks, and LOLpera.

Thomas Amerman: Co-Technical Director

From his humble beginnings in a small desert town you've never heard of, Thomas grew up giggin frogs and wrastlin hogs. But it wasn't all glitz and glamor out there in the sticks so he struck out west to make his way as an actor.
Apple of his parents eye and the pride of his High School drama club, Thomas quickly discovered the harsh realities of Hollyweird and retreated to the safer shores of Long Beach. It was there that he met the degenerate alcoholics and chronic gamblers of the Garage Theatre who took him in as one of their own and bestowed upon him the title of "Co-Technical Director" (a mostly symbolic position). He hates GLITTER!

Joe Howells: The Final Say Director

Joseph Howells was born on a dewy morning in March. He loves hockey and Indian food, and is often regarded as being breathtakingly talented as well as modest.

Jerica Bornstein: Co-Production Manager

Jerica Bornstein found her heart and soul at the Garage Theatre in the fall of 2014 when she tried her hand at stage managing Scruples Scrutiny Scrufflepiklewickle and Sabotage. Since then, the Garage and it's good-looking and exquisite board members have become a second home to her, teaching, developing, and educating Jerica's heart, mind and soul. She splits her hours between stage managing as many productions as she can handle and co-production managing with the mover-and-shaker that is Ashley. A few of her favorite past productions include the World Premiere of Darkside by Tom Stoppard, Beh: An Improvised Play by Paul Knox, and her first acting attempt, Rod McGirdlebutt Strikes Back or The Sun Sets One Last Time On The Cyclone Racer- the final installment and showing of the Melodrama by Jamie Sweet. She hopes that the passion, love and gratitude she experiences at the Garage is felt by every newcomer, oldcomer, audience member and worker as well. 

Paul Knox: Board Member

Sitting at the beach walk years ago, pilsner in hand, watching the sun set into the Pacific, to the sounds of a busker, playing; “What a day for a daydream,” Paul Knox decided to relocate from back East to his new home here in Long Beach. Several years later, he fell in with the wild band of theatre adventurers that make up the Garage Theatre. Paul has been a long time collaborator and joined as a company member this season. His performance credits include: Goose & Tomtom, Measure for Pleasure, Babylon Heights, Frozen, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Almost an Evening, Tragedy a Tragedy, and last seasons World Stage Premiere of Tom Stoppard’s Darkside. Paul recently created, directed, and performed in; BEH: An Improvised Play, for the Garage.

Catherine Elrod: Resident Costume/Makeup Designer

An accomplished FX Makeup Artist and Costume Designer, Cat Elrod's career began in the theatre, with design and management for the Richard and Karen Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts, International City Theatre, Long Beach Shakespeare and LB Playhouse! She transitioned to film after college while attending Joe Blasco Makeup Center West. In addition to film and television she is a personal make artist for Margaret Cho and Charlie Wilson. She now Resident Costume/Makeup Designer for The Garage Theatre as well as Head of Makeup and Costume for Delusion: Haunted Play and teaches the Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced makeup programs at The Orange County School of the Arts. She hopes to continue in makeup, theatre and film, meeting her childhood idols and making pretty (gruesome) pictures...

Maribella Magaña: Jill of All Trades

Mari's first show at The Garage was 2014's Pink Milk directed by the lovely Ashley Allen. From that point on they couldn't get rid of her. The gang was all like, "don't you have a home or something?" And she was all "I do now!" You may also recognize her, and her many changing hair lengths, from Wet Hot... and Darkside. She is a graduate of CSULA and was born and raised in LA.

Nori Tecosky Schmidt: Artist Extrordinaire

Bio coming soon!