The Balcony
by Jean Genet
Direction Jamie Sweet

251 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90813
Please do not park in the back

A revolution explodes and at the heart of the city, in the shadow of the palace, sits Mme. Irma's brothel.  A place where the low man raises himself to be larger than life, to fill the trappings of important figures.  Enabled and protected by the glory-seeking Police Chief whose fondest desire is for his position to finally manifest in one of the brothel's many rooms.  When the revolution sweeps through and the palace explodes, from the ashes rises our Mme.Irma and her brothel, clients and all, transposed as the Queen and her Cabinet.  A classic absurdist piece we'll be retooling as a modern parable. We're looking for 12 inspired actresses and actors to help us fan the flames, poke fun at power and embrace our Id.  

By appointment only
6:00-10:00 PM
Wednesday 4/12/17
Monday 4/17/17
Wednesday 4/19/17

To make an appointment please email Jamie Sweet at

Callbacks will be by appointment.  Please bring a head shot and resume and have a prepared monologue or bit.  Sides will be provided.

Mon-Thur from 7-10 PM beginning in earnest May 1st.  We'll schedule meetings the week of April 24th.

Character descriptors:
Age range is anyone over 18, for every character.

THE BISHOP-A man who revels in fine garments and forgiving the sins of the beautiful and naughty. (M)
THE JUDGE-To judge and mete out punishment is our highest calling and there is O do much to be punished for. (M or F)
THE GENERAL-Mounted, upright, conquering and the reward is always a solemn, silent death. (M)
THE CHIEF OF POLICE-Irma's ex-lover and obsessed with being replicated by a patron in the brothel.  He also is fighting the Revolutionaries. (M)
THE EXECUTIONER (ARTHUR)-The Manager of the brothel, doesn't run things, just makes sure they're being run.  Way too into themselves (M or F)
ROGER-(also BEGGAR/THE COURT ENVOY)-The leader of the revolution and desperately in love with Chantal. (M)
THE FIRST PHOTOGRAPHER/THE WOMAN (ROSINE)-The first prostitue and also a sleazy paparazzi (F)
THE SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER/THE THIEF-The second prostitute and an artistic paparazzi (F)
THE THIRD PHOTOGRAPHER/THE GIRL- The third prostitute and a truly excited paparazzi (F)
IRMA (THE QUEEN)-The madame of the brothel and chosen to become the next Queen after the revolution blows up the Palace (F) 
CARMEN-Irma's trusty assistant, she mildly longs to work in the brothel proper.  (F)
CHANTAL-The spirit and embodiment of the revolution, used to be Irma's best employee (F or M)

June 23rd - July 22nd
Thursday, Friday, and Satudays at 8 PM
No matinees