Audition Notice
The Garage Theatre Presents:

Roadhouse Live!!!

A Parody

Adapted for the stage and Directed by Cat Elrod

“The Double Deuce is the meanest, loudest and rowdiest bar south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and Dalton has been hired to clean it up. He might not look like much, but the Ph.D.-educated bouncer proves he's more than capable -- busting the heads of troublemakers and turning the roadhouse into a jumping hot-spot. But Dalton's romance with the gorgeous Dr. Clay puts him on the bad side of cutthroat local big shot Brad Wesley.”

In this parody production we’ll transform The Garage Theatre into the rough tough roadhouse bar, The Double Deuce. Complete with brawling cowboys, real working bar and live roadhouse band!!

Looking for actors with interesting looks, fun physicality, martial arts skills and/or stage combat experience

This is an Equity Waiver production, union and non-union members are welcome.

For auditions actors should prepare a short monologue (dramedy or comedy) and any performance skills they possess. We will also do cold readings from the script.

This is an open audition but please email 
Stage Manager Kelly Myers at
Please indicate which day you plan on coming. You can schedule a specific time if you wish.

Audition Dates: Monday, 3/11 7-10PM and Tuesday, 3/12 7-10PM
Call back date: Wednesday 3/13 7-9PM
Auditions and Callbacks will be held at 
The Garage Theatre – 251 E 7th Street, LB 90813
**Parking is available for free on 7th Street (non-metered) and on Locust Ave. Please do not park in the lot behind the theatre, you may get towed.**

Rehearsals First read through will be Thursday 4/11 at 7:30pm location TBD. Rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday in the 7pm to 11pm window and the odd Saturday depending on actor availability. Some rehearsals dates may be added.

Performances: Thurs-Sat @8pm July 12th- August 10th

Casting for 12 males and 3 females


Narrator/Red Webster/Emmett “Sunshine” Parker 
Played by one actor 
Male 50s/60s
Narrator: Stortyteller/all knowing
Red Webster: Owns the local auto supply, Doc 
Elizabeth’s uncle. Sharp but beaten by life
Emmett: Owns nearby ranch. Eccentric old man

James Dalton
Attractive, philosophical, calm, cool, collected 
Male 30s/40s
Professional “cooler” with a mysterious past, he’s good, he’s real good. 
Must have martial arts\stage combat experience

Elizabeth Clay
Attractive, intelligent, cynical.
Female 30s
Medical doctor, Smart and sexy. Red’s niece.

Frank Tilghman
Male 40s/50s
Owns the Double Deuce, creepy, always lingering.

Male 20s/30s
Bouncer, young good looking kid, means well. 
Actors with the stage combat experience a plus.

Male 20s/30/40s
Bouncer, good looking, jaded, out for a good time. Brad Wesley’s thug

Drunk Bar Patron #1/O’Connor 
Played by one actor
Male 30s/40s
Actors with a stage combat experience a plus.
Drunk Bar Patron #1: Drunk as fuck out for a rowdy good time.
O’Connor: One of Brad Wesley’s thugs, thinks he’s hot shit.

Drunk Bar Patron #2/Red Shirt Bouncer/ Diner Man
Played by one actor 
Male 30s/40s
Actors with a stage combat experience a plus.
Drunk Bar Patron #2: Drunker and out for an even better time, looking for a fight.
Red Shirt Bouncer: Double Deuce bouncer. 
Diner Man: Runs the Diner.

Bad Waitress/Beautiful Bar Fly/ Denise
Played by one actor 
Female 20s/30s
Must be willing to be “groped” onstage 
Actors with dance experience a plus. 
Bad Waitress: Terrible waitress, looking to get “paid”
Beautiful Bar Fly: Sexy bar patron, loves to dance 
Denise: Brad Wesley’s girl, loves to dance

Morgan the Bouncer
Male 20s/30s/40s
Mean as hell, aggressive, hates Dalton, imposing physique.
Actors with a stage combat experience a plus.

Carrie Ann 
Female 20s/30s
Young and pretty, confident, means well.
Must be able to sing.
Actors with waitressing experience a plus.

Pat the Bartender 
Male 20s/30s
Young, dumb and short tempered. Brad Wesley‘s nephew.
Actors with a stage combat experience a plus.

Brad Wesley 
Male 50s/60s
Entrepreneur, businessman, real prick, owns Jasper and he’s willing to kill to get what he wants. 
Actors with a stage combat experience a plus.

Jimmy the Goon
Male 30s/40s
Brad Wesley‘s head goon, used to fuck guys like Dalton in prison. 
Must have martial arts or stage combat experience.

Wade Garrett
Male 40s/50s
Daltons mentor, sexy as hell, unrefined fighting style. 
Must have stage combat experience.

If you would like to schedule a specific audition time or have any questions about the production please email the Stage Manager at