TO: person, place or thing

FROM: x, y, z

By: Justin Morris, Jasmine Mosher, and Katelyn Sanchez

“To: person, place, or thing From: x, y, z “ is a two-evening performance experience with work being presented by Katelyn Sanchez, Jasmine Mosher, and Justin Morris in collaboration with the performers. This experience draws from the personal narratives of the artists and their collaborators/performers while building a framework concerned with the individual and collective experiences surrounding the themes of race, gender, sexuality, and their inherent performative nature. Our work explores the use of intersecting mediums of movement, theatrical, and visual elements in the hopes of providing the space for larger conversations around art, art making, and performance.

NOVEMBER 6th & 7th, 2019



$15 at the door with Cash or Venmo


$10 on this very site! ……as soon as we update that button down there. You'll be able to tell it's ready because this message won't be here.