The Third Annual

Long Beach Poppin’ Play Festival


4 Weeks, 11 Plays… Because one play just isn’t enough!

What Can We by Craig Abernethy – Directed by Steve Sornbutnark

Commedia Dell’ Arte (an original piece created by LB locals in Italy)

I Thought I Liked Girls by Nicole  by Nicole Pandolfo – Directed by Turner Munch

Italy by Steven Schutzman – Directed by Dennis Hoffman

Directed by Dennis Hoffman

Shots in the Dark by Joseph Howells – Directed by Anne Perini

What Can We by Craig Abernathy – Directed by Turner Munch

Jinxed by K. Alexa Mavromatis – Directed by Dion Chang

The Elephant by Alice Pencavel – Directed by Olivia Trevino

What King Kong Dreamt conceived by a team of 11 writers/contributors – Directed by Jasper Oliver

Jumpers with the Gypsy by Nathaniel Kressen – Directed by Roger Mason

An Agreement Between a Father and Son by Lloyd Noonan – Directed by Jerry James

Eddie the Musical – Written & Directed by Robert Edward