Entropy General

Written by Ryan McClary

Directed by Turner  Munch

Alive Theatre Presents a world premiere “traumedy” from one of their own… Entropy General written by Ryan McClary and directed by Turner Munch will be staged at the site of Long Beach’s new MADhouse Warehouse in Downtown. 

Have you ever wondered why we die? Why the good die young? Why hot dogs come in packs of eight and hot dog buns come in packs of twelve? Then you need treatment. But never fear! Entropy General is open for business. Not just another hospital, here we treat the human condition. Terminal childhood illness? At Entropy General, we call that camping! Suicidal thoughts plaguing your every thought and action? Our doctors are now licensed to prescribe murder! In our state of the art facilities, we employ only the finest medicine, through means of chaos, anarchy, and good old fashioned lunacy! Come witness the collapse! Only, at Entropy General…

The story of a hospital and those who dwell within it: the Intern, on his first day; the Pediatrician, falling apart; Doctors Hunter & Wolfe, agents of chaos; three terminally ill children, bound for adventure; and all other odd sorts of patients and doctors, illnesses and injuries, converging towards the catastrophic conclusion we call life.