Girl of the Frozen North Or... Condemned to Dead Man's Glacier

By Buster Cearley and Eddie Cope

Bring out the kids!  It’s time to boo the Villian, cheer for the Hero, & sigh for the lovely Heroine. Here’s a melodrama with a blizzard of laughs, suspense and plot twists!  Dainty Nettie and her mother get lost in a snowstorm while searching for a missing family member in the icy Yukon.  They locate a seedy hotel, owned by the villainous Mr. Cesspool, where they meet a stranded Shakespearean actress, her klutzy maid who yearns for a life in show business, an absent-minded professor/explorer from the Smithsonian Institution and a timid fur trader who lives with an odd Eskimo tribe.  When things look darkest, in dashes Dashiel H. Goforth, a dynamic but naïve red-coated Canadian Mountie.  It’s an all-fun show that will please audiences of all ages.

The Garage Theatre has a long, proud tradition of continuing the uniquely America style of theatre known as melodrama.  This was our second one but it paved the way for the original melodrama saga that would become a staple of the Garage Theatre's season for many of it's years in existence. GotFN featured many of our friends from college, founding members Matt Anderson, Eric Hamme, and directed by Jamie Sweet and featuring music by Jamie's long time friend and excellent guitarist, David Tibbetts.  His licks were used to cue audience reactions in every single melodrama we ever did after this one. 

November 28th – December 21st


530 E. Broadway (between Atlantic & Lindon)

 Long Beach, CA 90802