Long Beach Is Sinking! or Hard Time Is Better Than A Life of Injustice

Written by Jamie Sweet

Directed by Matthew Anderson


The Garage Theatre’s holiday melodramas have always been presented in the traditional melodrama form in which the audience is encouraged to CHEER for the hero, SIGH for the heroine and most importantly, BOO the villain. This year, however, The Garage Theatre has decided to turn its 5th annual holiday melodrama into an all out interactive experience to give children the opportunity to not only enjoy, but also participate in live theatre.

Bring a dollar to pelt the Villain
The Garage Theatre is providing tomatoes to throw at our infamous villain, Ian Sidious.  He’s so despicable, why have we not done this before???

Kids paint the set
Why leave everything to the professionals?  The Garage Theatre is leaving an area of the set for the kids to show off their amazing creative abilities.

Professional Face Painting
Face painting artist, Kim Bush, provided gorgeous designs for adults and kids alike last year and it was such a hit…we had to bring her back!  This year we’ve added tattoos to the menu.

The Garage Theatre tradition of free ice cream for everyone!
Free ice cream has been a Garage Theatre tradition from the onset.  Kids love it, adults love it…It’s Back!!!