U.S. Premiere                                         

Written by Tom Stoppard                                                                                                      

Directed by Eric Hamme

It is time for the US Premiere of Darkside, incorporating Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, and you are invited.  Is it an incredibly unique theatrical experience, or is it a thought experiment in any colour you like?  This great gig in the sky is an urgent, yet timeless tale where Emily McCoy and her companion become lost on the run, in a world consumed by corruption, money and greed, witch hunts and brain damage.  All the while, desperately searching for hope, kindness and what is the good. It’s us and them, coming together in a beautiful eclipse for only this moment.  Just breathe.  And be there.

Do you believe in the juggler?

Warning: This production contains fog, strobe lights, lasers, mind-blowing music, and amateur actors.