The Day Room

Written by Don DeLillo 

Directed by Kristal Greenlea


The Day Room takes us on an extraordinary journey that blurs the lines we’ve created that differentiate sanity from insanity. Frank Rich of The New York Times says, “The Day Room takes us to a motel that might not actually be a motel where we meet actors who might not actually be actors who are going to perform a play that might not actually be a play for madmen who might not actually be mad.” Written in 1986, The Day Room still reminds us that the world we live in might not actually be what is fed to us on the evening news and that the ones in power might actually be madmen

The Garage Theatre has transformed itself into a day room where the audience becomes part of a world that is as strange and unpredictable as the patients it houses. 


  • • The Garage Theatre will be hosting a fundraiser to benefit The Found Theatre on opening night October 21, 2005 to show our ongoing support and gratitude for all they did to make The Garage Theatre feel welcome in our new home. Tickets will be $25 and all proceeds will benefit The Found.  The production will be followed by a small reception that will include wine and hors d’oeuvres. 
  • • Halloween Special! Anyone attending The Day Room the weekend of October 28, 29 or 30 wearing a costume gets in for $10!