World Premiere!                                                        

The Garage Theatre Presents...  Play: The Play 

Conceived and written by The Garage Theatre

First EVER in house original production!

After successful productions of Dutchman and The Book of Liz, The Garage Theatre is proud to present its third installment of its 2006 season. The world premiere of Play: The Play is The Garage Theatre’s first in house original production. Conceived and written by The Garage Theatre, Play: The Play, examines the juxtaposition between the loss of innocence and the dissolve of the imagination. Mysterious, funny, theatrical and unique: Play: The Play promises to be like nothing you have seen before.

Play: The Play is the story of a broken family.  A father is being released from prison and his son is about to meet him for the first time.  His violent past brings some anxiety to the household and to a boy who will never be the same as a result of the father’s homecoming.  Play: The Play proceeds to break down and transform all traditional theatrical conventions and challenges the performers and the audience to express the ideas of the play in other ways.

The Garage Theatre has always been driven to provide a new and affordable theatrical experience to the community of Long Beach. Exploring the process of creating an original piece as a company is new and exciting territory for The Garage Theatre, but a necessary step in our evolution.

Garage Theatre was founded in the belief that independent non-commercial theatre is vital to the future of the art form.  The Garage Theatre is a collaborative ensemble that strives to create a diverse body of work, take artistic risks, and uncover social and human truths.  We are committed to reaching a new theatre audience by producing affordable works in a unique voice.