Revenge of the Baron’s Revenge

Baron Postcard

by D. Chappelle

Directed by Matthew Vincent Julian

All seems well in the village of Muldavia. Love-birds Emma & Eddie are settling into their castle home, newly married and never happier. But alas, their happiness will soon be in grave danger because their arch-nemesis, the mad scientist Baron Frankenstein is back, and he’s craving revenge! So much revenge!


Come down and experience our cartoon monster movie homage come aliiivveee!!!

It’s goofy, it’s gothic, it’s ghastly, and even a little ghosty. Bring the kids! Perhaps they will be able to break through the Baron’s spell and bring us back to what’s good and what’s right in this wacky world.

Be there, and find out.

February 15 - March 9, 2019