Scruples, Scrutiny, ScrufflePickleWickle And Sabotage! or The New Amusement Park In Town

Written & Directed by Jamie Sweet

The Garage Theatre holds it’s 6th Annual Holiday Melodrama, Scruples, Scrutiny, ScruffkePickleWickle And Sabotage! or The New Amusement Park In Town by Jamie Sweet. The Garage Theatre promises to bring back interactive fun for the whole family in this 4th installation of a 5 part melodrama series of watching our heroes, Rod McGirdlebutt and Ging Pao, save the day amidst the 20th century ups and downs at the World Famous Long Beach Pike. Join the Garage on another journey, this time set in the 1950’s, that leads to none other than the first CLIFFHANGER in Melodrama HISTORY!…we think. Will Rod man up and pop Dixie the QUESTION??? Is Ging Pao really a COMMUNIST??? Will the new “MOUSE” in town cause The Pike’s downfall, or will that evil ne’er do well, Ian Sidious, bring it’s demise??? Finally, can ELVIS PRESLEY himself be enough to help our heroes save the day??? Who Knows? Come Find Out!!! But will there be FREE ICE CREAM??? YOU BETCHA!!! Join in pelting the evil Ian Sidious with tomatoes, and showering the lovely Dixie Troobaloo in daisies. Bring the entire family down for pre-show Elvis karaoke, paint your own Pet Rock, face painting, and hula hoop contests enjoyed by all! PEACHY KEEN!!!