Shepard’s Last Supper             Action & Killer’s Head

Written by Sam Shepard

Directed by Hillary Calvert & Eric Hamme


Action- Takes you right into the living room of a post-apocalyptic holiday. Liza, Lupe, Jeep and Shooter are trapped in a cold, isolated cabin after a mysterious “crisis.” Time has passed since the days of mass-media and indoor plumbing and they are struggling to pull off a holiday meal. Limited food, an uncertain future and overwhelming boredom begin to take their toll with disturbing and absurd results.

Killer's Head - The play consists of a monologue by a man who is about to be executed. He sits in an electric chair, blindfolded, his hands and torso tied to the chair and the cap pulled onto his head. What follows is a ten-minute train of thought where he compares trucks and horses.