Terror at the Pike!

or How Come There Aren't Any Waves In Long Beach?

Written & Directed by Jamie Sweet

Hot diggity dog the melodrama is back! Come join us for the first time, again. Hop on the Cyclone Racer as we follow the adventures of Rod, Dixie, Ging and Tricia as they match wits and witticisms with Ian Sidious. Enjoy free ice cream, partake in our carnival-themed activities, and come early if you want to have your face-painted! 

Originally intended as a 5 part episodic work, Jamie Sweet (Founding member and Technical Director of the Garage Theatre) went back and re-wrote part I in such a way as to ensure that the susbsequent parts will need to be tweaked a bit, too. The result? Essentially 5 NEW PLAYS! Yippee!!! Join us for Part I – TAKE 2!!!

The Garage Theatre proudly carries on it’s holiday tradition of providing a non-denominational holiday experience that is fun for the whole family. Free ice cream (and tofuti) will be served at intermission and we invite kids of all ages to come draw on our walls, throw (soft cloth) tomatoes at the villain and cheer your heads off for our Hero, Rod McGirdlebutt and his friends as we take a journey back in time to the Long Beach circa 1918.