Ubu The Shit!

Written by Alfred Jarry

Adapted & Directed by Jeremy Aluma


Over 100 years ago, Alfred Jarry wrote a play that attacked all that literature and the theatre held sacred. The first word, Merdre (Shitter) was a sound that signaled the artistic revolution to come. However, this revolution did not come until over 50 years later by way of Beckett, Ionesco and the other absurdist writers. In this version of Jarryʼs play each of the nine actors will play both the monstrous Pa Ubu and his vile hag of a wife Ma Ubu. Masks created for the show from Bali, Indonesia, nine different languages and a plethora of musical instruments will accompany these warriors through tragedy, comedy, drama, puppetry and clown. Today, everything moves at the pace of Ubu. Everyone wants to buy more, eat better and shit more pleasantly. This means that shocking our audiences cannot be achieved through the same means anymore. We will extract and nurture those new avenues for you in this glorious production of the time old tale.